Katie's Top Shelf: Winter Edition

Katie's Top Shelf: Winter Edition

Living through Park City’s beautifully snowy winters for 28 years has taught me a thing or two about battling winter skin blues. I’m lucky because I don’t have overly dry skin, however, the elements up here can be no joke on my skin. Here’s what’s in my current (winter) arsenal.


LIP BALM. And a lot of it. Ilia’s new lip wrap is fantastic as an overnight balm. It is deeply moisturizing and nourishing, plus it contains papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate and soften the lips. I use Dr. Barbara Sturm’s lip balm in the morning and keep Kosas’ LipFuel in my handbag (and my car and my computer bag. You get the idea here).


Excessive body moisturizer. I am not one of those really disciplined people who can take lukewarm showers in order to prevent their skin from drying out. I like it hot. I love to use Indie Lee’s Coconut Citrus Body Scrub when I’m shaving. It’s extremely moisturizing and excellent at preventing razor bumps (one caveat is that the coconut oil in the scrub can definitely clog up your razor. Deep breath and rinse your razor more frequently. It’s worth it, I promise.) As soon as I step out of the shower and towel dry, I smooth on Augustinus Bader’s The Body Cream. It is pricey, yes, but it provides superior moisture throughout the day. 



Coola BB Cream. This is my go-to ski day SPF. During normal work days, I use and love Ilia’s Super Skin Tint but if I’m mountain adventuring, I switch over to the Coola. I find it slightly more hydrating and I have never once been burned when I’ve used it for the last several years (this is also my preferred facial sunscreen on beach holidays but that’s another blog post).


Augustinus Bader The Hand Treatment. Dry, cracked hands are miserable anytime but they’re especially miserable during the winter. This hand treatment is a massive help. I use it every night and have seen a noticeable difference over the last couple months with it.


Susanne Kaufmann’s cooling foot cream. For a girl who generally runs cold, I still love to slather on Susanne’s cooling foot cream at night. There’s something about the way it calms any swelling and feels deeply nourishing to my feet and lower legs. Seal the deal with a cozy pair of socks afterward. 


Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Facial Mist.  I happened upon this product during a photo shoot we were doing for cake and I ended up falling in love. It’s the lightest, most hydrating mist that can be used throughout the day to boost moisture and radiance. 


Christophe Robin Regenerating Masque. Battle winter hair with the best mask for dry ends. Period. Be sure to rinse abundantly and bask in the magic that is Christophe Robin. 


Slip Silk Pillowcase. I’ve had bad bedhead since I was kid (ask my mom). The Slip Silk Pillowcases have helped tremendously with that, but I find them particularly beneficial in the winter when you’ve got the heat pumping inside and are battling wintertime frizzy hair. They’re truly a lifesaver. 


Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks. These creamy-lit-from-within sticks are my new favorite makeup items. They are wildly moisturizing and create a dewy, natural flush that is perfect for wintertime (but trust, I will not be giving these up in the spring. They are that good).


So there you have it- these are the products that are on high rotation at the moment. Let it snow, baby! (Until April 15th that is and then, snow, I’m done with you.) 

xx Katie