what the cake girls are purchasing [Kosas cosmetics edition]

what the cake girls are purchasing [Kosas cosmetics edition]

Here at cake, we are always asked what our favorite sweater/lipstick/boots/denim/eye cream/EVERYTHING is at the moment. So we thought it'd be fun to periodically ask the cake girls what their favorite IT item is. In this edition, we asked the cake staff to tell us their favorite Kosas product in store, and of course, why they love it so much.

Katie (cake owner): Weightless lip color in Fringe

It’s the perfect brick red, in my opinion, plus the formula is ultra hydrating so it feels great on the lips.


Aidan (cake creative director): Tinted Face Oil

It covers beautifully but still lets your skin shine through. A word to the wise… you really only need 2-3 drops to cover your entire face. Don’t overdo it!


Jaclyn (cake manager): Kosas Color + Light: Crème, Tropic Equinox

A perfect palette that makes me look as though I just spent a week on the beach. The crème formula is easy to apply and never cakes. I love that this compact has my bronzer and highlight in one place to make my makeup bag a little lighter. 


Olivia (cake super staffer): 10 Second Eyeshadow in Globe

Literally it’s the ultimate neutral for your eyes that can be worn as a subtle shimmer or a more intense pigment to help showcase your lipstick color du jour.


Jamie (cake resident model): Kosas Lip Fuel-Baseline

This quickly became my favorite lip balm in the store. It’s everything I wanted in a lip balm! I find it to be very healing and moisturizing. It is something that I don’t have to constantly reapply throughout the day, which is the sign of a great product.