It was a first of its kind, the hero product from Christophe Robin’s haircare line that quickly developed a cult following: a clarifying shampoo that contained actual granules of coarse sea salt. A scalp scrub perfect for styling junkies, dry shampoo addicts, and people with oily or sensitive scalps? I knew I had to try it. And after just one use, I found myself drinking the Christophe Robin Kool Aid too. 

Before I get into why I’m a fan of this particularly unique sea salt scrub, let’s first address the need to use a clarifying shampoo. Everyday buildup occurs to the best of us, regardless of hair type, so it’s good to give our strands a little extra love every so often in order to bring back their natural shine and vibrancy. Factor in that we’re all addicted to dry shampoos and styling sprays and that we occasionally find ourselves taking a dip in a chlorinated pool on a hot day, we know our hair can suddenly look and feel weighed down, dull and lackluster, even after a good shampooing. If this sounds at all like your current hair situation, then I highly recommended swapping out your regular shampoo once a week for a deep cleansing one.

So, all that being said, you can imagine that I’ve come across a deep cleansing shampoo (or 10) in my time. But this one had me at “Salt Scrub.” A scrub? For my scalp? Where oil and build-up reside? The area where the health of our hair originates? AHA. There was the light bulb moment. It made perfect sense that it was my scalp that likely needed some special attention, not just the lengths of my hair.  So, I took Christophe Robin’s scalp scrub home to my shower, got momentarily distracted by the most beautiful scent (clean, fresh, and somehow specifically Mediterranean in its beachy aroma), scooped out a few tablespoons of product (I have very long hair folks, and admittedly a very unhealthy relationship with dry shampoo) and started to work the scrub into my scalp.

I’m not going to lie to you…it was weird. Like, one of the weirdest shampoo experiences I’ve ever had. The salt didn’t seem to want to work in and I couldn’t begin to imagine how I was going to get the product to spread across my entire scalp, let alone down the length of my hair. Then I remembered that the directions were to emulsify with a bit of water. So, after briefly sticking my head under the shower head, I used my fingertips to massage the product in a bit more and THAT my friends, THAT was when the magic started.

I kept going, scrubbing and emulsifying a couple more times before rinsing completely and finishing with my regular conditioning hair mask (an important side note: if you don’t absolutely LOVE a Christophe Robin product, you probably aren’t rinsing it as thoroughly enough. Do as recommended and RINSE ABUNDANTLY!!!).

When I stepped out of the shower and blew out my hair, the magic revealed itself. My hair was light, bouncy and shiny. My locks felt clean and fresh, not at all stripped or dehydrated. And, no joke, two people asked me if I’d just had my hair done that day.

Years later and I’m still hooked. The blend of ingredients plus the addition of coarse sea salt allows the product to cleanse and purify without aggravating or stripping hair, delivering in a way where other clarifying shampoos fall short.

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xxx, Katie