Baies Sablier


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Driven by a spirit of innovation, Diptyque has reinvented the concept of home fragrance with the hourglass diffuser. 

The tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries. A few black bunches still have their leaves, their green and aromatic scent blending with the lively, flowery accents of rose.

7.6” height, 3.9” diameter; 2.5 fl oz.


Simply turn it over to begin a diffusion cycle of about an hour, and enjoy a scent and sensory experience: the Diptyque hour. Ideal to perfume small spaces for several months, until the perfume has totally evaporated, it can then be refilled once with the same fragrance.



Remove cap on refill.

Assemble the two glass sections. The refill whose glass vessel contains the perfume must be on the bottom. The empty glass vessel attached to the diffusion system screws onto the refill. Be sure to screw both sections tightly. 

The hourglass is ready to use! Turn the hourglass over so that the refill is now at the top to begin a diffusion cycle. Do not move until the diffuser has completed the cycle.


We love never having to think about making a room always smell delightful. Plus, this might possibly the prettiest diffuser we have ever laid our eyes on. 

    Baies Sablier
    Baies Sablier

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