CAKE Ultimate Shower Box


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The Ultimate experience for the woman with the busy schedule who still wants superior results. Wash your hair, then apply the Christophe Robin mask. While it does its magic, work in Goop's G.Tox body scrub in circular motions to reveal glowing and exfoliated skin. Next, generously apply Agent Nateur's shave oil to experience one of the most luxurious shaves you've ever known. Finally, rinse out your Regenerating mask (ABUNDANTLY!) and step out of the shower ready to beautifully take on the rest of your day.

This box contains:

- Goop G.Tox Body Scrub

- Agent Nateur shave oil

- Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask


Just because you don't have time for a bath doesn't mean you don't have time to have a cake ultimate experience. 

    CAKE Ultimate Shower Box
    CAKE Ultimate Shower Box

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